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Wow! OK. I want communication, but dang Kerro. To say the game is dead and it isn't going to be released is a bit of a stretch. I seriously doubt they'd even have the moderators out here telling us to stop acting like children if they were giving up on the game.

I have no doubt they'll complete it. I just wish they'd tell us a bit more of what's going one. Even just some hints or something. Someone telling us something.

If they'd give us some idea what they're working on, maybe some of the topics that we've been spinning our wheels on would just end.

Like if they are like, "Hey guys. Wanted to let you know, we're working on adding more models for Elves so that they look like elves." Then the elves need to look like elves conversation on the forum could stop.

Or what about, "Hey guys. We're working on implementing a D&D 5e Hardcore Ruleset for those who are hardcore fans." That would sure stop a lot of people from belly-aching.

Ya know?

Hey, I get what you're saying, and respect it. I may disagree with it, or more specifically disagree (and get irritated) with how some other people are being all "me me me" about it... but Kerro's litlle diatribe on how "this won't be released"... not sure where that's coming from. Probably just likes being contrarian.