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Mm, kinda unfortunate. Though despite their hostility, there is something to look at in their opinion, mainly that they consider sexual content and/or nudity in a videogame as pornographic and thus something that shouldn't be in a videogame.

To be quite honest, I never considered sexual content in videogames to be appealing on that front, always just considered it part of the plot, mechanics, character, or aesthetic of a game. And if adult content was for porn, modders could and would do it a lot better than developers who need to stay at a M rating.

And there is something to be said on haphazardly, that is, if the content is added badly then no one will be happy. Cause if it is handled poorly and shoved into the game for those who don't want it, it'll be glaring and be detrimental to the game. And if handled poorly, even if implemented decently, it could be glaring to those who actually want it. It could have complete character breaks, bad writing, very bad animations, forced on the player, or even just really strange for time and place. So as much as they argue for absolutely no implementation of sexual content in BG3, I argue that Larian actually needs to be careful with how they implement characters at their most vulnerable and be considerate of those who really don't want to see it on their screens.

You described the Minthara scene, that sweet drow on halfling action.

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