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Im through with the early access version by now, but I must ask, where is the adult content? BG3 is an inspiring game, which really could be the next big rpg. I love it already and I'm very much looking forward to the next updates, it's well done. But I really miss things which happen or don't happen depending on your actions like in Witcher 3. Witcher 3 was quite open concerning nudity and adult content, which is part of the explanation for its popularity. Of course Witcher had a lot more qualities than that, but nevertheless I really would hope that BG3 offers no less. After all Larian is no prude US company, where gore is fine but sex not. We Europeans are no prudes and Larian is located in Belgium, Europe. CD Projekt Red from Poland has set a quite high benchmark. What's your stance on this Larian? The early access version unfortunately is quite disappointing concerning adult content so far. Are you planing to add much more or are your chickening out and leave it to modders? This is an honest question, I'm really a fan of your game so far, you did a very good job, but BG3 could be much more in the rpg genre in general. It's in your hands to at least reach the standards Witcher 3 has set. There isn't much adult content so far in the game apart from the Minthara quest, which is only for very few players, who chose the "evil" path.

It's early access, let's give them a bit time. Apart from that, I think possible sex scenes will be no more than those in Witcher. Which were tame.