Random thought, could something added to moderation just block individuals from posting in a specific topic instead of blocking them from the forums entirely? Could remove individuals from a topic that proves to be problematic for them to engage with without removing them from other discussions?

Honestly, seeing as how this discussion went, I kinda want to ask what would be considered "acceptable" for Sex Scenes in the game? I don't mean what kind of partners or sexual acts, but more how would people prefer it presented, if it must be presented, other than the "Not at All" side of things cause that does answer itself. Like would people prefer a fade to black, fully animated erotica with anatomically correct organs, foreplay only, fade to black with written description of the actions narrated by the narrator, etc etc?

For me, I'd be fine with a fade to black but I'd like to see the characters to engage with meaningful foreplay, as in foreplay where it is important to the characters and their bond, something that can actually be analyzed from a literary perspective, and then maybe some narration of the important emotional bits, don't really want or need the actual intercourse to be described, just what it means for the characters and their relationship.

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