I'm sorry, but again, there is romance and then there is sex. Romance can lead to sex, but sex does not mean romance is taking place. Likewise, intimacy does not necessarily mean sex either. Two people can share very tender, open and meaningful moments together without having sex. Sex, when done right, is the ultimate and deepest level of romance and intimacy; becoming as one physically.

This said, most intimacy moments can be played out in a video game without an actual sex scene. It doesn't have to show two people making out, one climbing on the other, clothes being removed, or whatever. As some have stated, this is really hard to do well in a video game anyway. So, you don't need a steamy sex scene in a video game to show vulnerability, etc.

Again, I thought BG2 did rather well with Jaheira's romance. She expressed her vulnerability through dialogue with the MC. You couldn't even see animations of her face or inflections or anything, but you could feel it in the voice actress' voice. It was in the dialogue itself that you began to feel Jaheira's pain and such. Sure, her romance led up to a moment when you could agree to have sex with her, but there was no need for any kind of graphic representation of it.

So, I do think that romance scenes in the game would make the game more emotionally stimulating. I think one of the things BG3 is lacking is that Larian needs to draw players in more and get them to fall in love with the origin characters. We need more comradery. We need to feel more like the part is a group of friends by the time the Celebration event occurs. In order to do that, we need more intimate dialogue between the characters. And I don't mean romantic intimacy. I mean one-on-one dialogues that are more heart-felt and interesting. These need to help the players connect more and care more for the characters.

Actually, I find that Astarion is probably the closest one to this currently. I really felt more connected to him after the dialogue about how I would prefer to die and especially after he mentioned how Casador always like to toy with people too. He's probably my favorite origin character just because I like his smart-butt attitude and sense of humor. I do wish he didn't disapprove of every good choice you make, but he is a bit more of an evil character, so I get it.

But the point is that each character needs to have more that draws you in and makes you like them. Then, when it comes to romance, we need the player to trigger it so that they can romance whoever they want and not be romanced by the others. I don't want Wyl hitting on me when I feel more like he's a bro and we should be kicking back and just joking around together as opposed to him wanting to share a bunk with me. Likewise, some have expressed that they don't like Lae'zel and find her repulsive, so I'm sure they don't like her proposition as much as I don't like it. (And I like Lae'zel and would like to know more about her character. I'm telling you. There's more to her.)

Then, as you get more flirty dialogue with the one you are romancing (or more than one if that's your cup of tea), then things lead to more scenes with just the two of you down by the river or whatever sitting and joking and flirting. Then maybe showing a more innocent kiss. Then maybe the next time it is more of the two sharing a glance with one another as they are sitting around the campfire with the rest of the party. The two then slip away one at a time so no one really notices...or maybe they do. Maybe one party member watches one of you go and smiles knowingly to the others. The two romantic individuals find a moment off in the small alcove across the log at camp. One pushes the other up against the wall and they share a bit of passion there. But it is kept brief to indicate it hasn't been taken to THAT level yet. The next time fade to black. All of these things being triggered by the player so that they can take it to the level they want to take it to.

Then the relationship indicator could change to Lover or something once you have reached the full blown relationship level. If they really wanted to, they could then incorporate jealousy in the party between individuals, like how Aerie and Jaheira were fighting over the MC. I mean, if they did it right, they could really make the romances interesting and more fun and not so much 0 to 60 sex, and it should span out beyond Early Access if necessary. I mean, I get that you have a tadpole in your heads and you might move a bit quicker than a standard relationship, but it shouldn't feel so rushed.

I even think Lae'zel's romance could be way more interesting. Instead of offering herself to you at the Celebration, I just thought she'd be way more tough to crack. She doesn't like feeling vulnerable, so I would think that she'd be fighting any feelings she might have for the MC. I was thinking it would be far more interesting for her to resist sex with the MC until after her character is broken or something more substantial. Maybe the party visits her creche and learns that they are just going to kill her too and there is no cure. Then everything she has believed in is a lie. Even after that, after she breaks down and shares with the MC her shattered hopes and dreams, then I figured it'd be better if she fought it all the more. Part of her doesn't like being so vulnerable with you, so she resists any deeper connection in spite of her attraction. Little by little, she is whittled down until she can no longer handle it. She THEN loses it and throws herself at you, after she's been thoroughly pushed to the point of breaking.

I mean, it doesn't have to be that, exactly, but something more than just, "You killed goblin leaders. You make me hot. Let's do it." So boring and lame, vulgar and crass and pointless.

Even Astarion's could be more enticing. Him just saying, "I mean sex, Darling," is just not sexy. If he was feeling some appetite for such things, why not have a scene at the celebration where it shows you moving off by yourself and Astarion is suddenly there, coming out of the shadows. He then tries to smooth talk you, using wit and flare to try to entice you to do things with him.

Shoot! Even if Lae'zel did that on Celebration night, that would be better than simply approaching her in the middle of the party and having her say she wants to do things with you. There's no romance in that at all. There's got to be some sort of seduction. Right now it's just uninteresting and like the party members are asking you to go hang out at the mall as opposed to being max level intimate with them.