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I think one of the things BG3 is lacking is that Larian needs to draw players in more and get them to fall in love with the origin characters. We need more comradery. We need to feel more like the part is a group of friends by the time the Celebration event occurs. In order to do that, we need more intimate dialogue between the characters. And I don't mean romantic intimacy. I mean one-on-one dialogues that are more heart-felt and interesting. These need to help the players connect more and care more for the characters.

I agree with this - they definitely need more party banter while exploring! I found a youtube video with about 20 minutes of character party banter all put together - and felt sad because maybe only 10% of that ever triggered in my playthrough. I know it's EA and buggy still, and they do need to work on the conversation/banter triggers, but I LIVE for character banter, character development, and storytelling! Game mechanics, rules and math bore me to tears - give me character conversations any day. smile

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Actually, I find that Astarion is probably the closest one to this currently. I really felt more connected to him after the dialogue about how I would prefer to die and especially after he mentioned how Casador always like to toy with people too. He's probably my favorite origin character just because I like his smart-butt attitude and sense of humor. I do wish he didn't disapprove of every good choice you make, but he is a bit more of an evil character, so I get it.

Astarion is definitely the best developed character so far, and that's mostly due to his utterly brilliant voice actor. Neil Newbon is amazing. smile

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(And I like Lae'zel and would like to know more about her character. I'm telling you. There's more to her.)

She is my second favourite character, and yes she feels under-developed currently. I am truly looking forward to her story arc! I feel that her tightly-held Githyanki ideals and faith in her Queen will be shattered, and I want to see her grow as a person from it.

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I even think Lae'zel's romance could be way more interesting. Instead of offering herself to you at the Celebration, I just thought she'd be way more tough to crack. She doesn't like feeling vulnerable, so I would think that she'd be fighting any feelings she might have for the MC. I was thinking it would be far more interesting for her to resist sex with the MC until after her character is broken or something more substantial. Maybe the party visits her creche and learns that they are just going to kill her too and there is no cure. Then everything she has believed in is a lie. Even after that, after she breaks down and shares with the MC her shattered hopes and dreams, then I figured it'd be better if she fought it all the more. Part of her doesn't like being so vulnerable with you, so she resists any deeper connection in spite of her attraction. Little by little, she is whittled down until she can no longer handle it. She THEN loses it and throws herself at you, after she's been thoroughly pushed to the point of breaking.

I mean, it doesn't have to be that, exactly, but something more than just, "You killed goblin leaders. You make me hot. Let's do it." So boring and lame, vulgar and crass and pointless.

I can definitely see what you described as the continuation of her romance, too, but at the same time her behaviour at the party makes sense for who she is at that moment. She's a strongheaded, stubborn Githyanki warrior who has a very direct, physical nature. She tells it like it is. And if she wants you, she'll have you. Vulgar, yes - but that's her, right now, before the rest of the story. She doesn't KNOW yet how to be vulnerable or tender, she sees sex as physical pleasure and that's fine for her at this point in the game.

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Even Astarion's could be more enticing. Him just saying, "I mean sex, Darling," is just not sexy. If he was feeling some appetite for such things, why not have a scene at the celebration where it shows you moving off by yourself and Astarion is suddenly there, coming out of the shadows. He then tries to smooth talk you, using wit and flare to try to entice you to do things with him.

Oh yes it's sexy. I mean just listen to him. The way he says "please?" Oh yeah. :P
Vampires have always been sexual beings in books/movies, so for him it makes sense to me. His scene when you find him under the tree is well-rehearsed, and I imagine he's lured many victims to his master this way. But this time, he gets you all to himself, and that has to mean something... and I love the moment of vulnerability you share afterwards. (Him basking in the morning sun, and mentioning his scars.) He is also the only character whose interactions with you change afterwards. ("Hello, lover.") This is why I feel that is only the beginning of his romance story, and I can't wait for more.

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