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Ah whatever. The "romances" as they are called are boring, meaningless, and pointless. They have no purpose.

So like all romances then?

But seriously, going back to your epic fanfiction on Lae'zel. I just feel that you don't really "get" Githyanki, or the Lae'zel character at all.

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I even think Lae'zel's romance could be way more interesting. Instead of offering herself to you at the Celebration, I just thought she'd be way more tough to crack. She doesn't like feeling vulnerable, so I would think that she'd be fighting any feelings she might have for the MC. I was thinking it would be far more interesting for her to resist sex with the MC until after her character is broken or something more substantial. Maybe the party visits her creche and learns that they are just going to kill her too and there is no cure. Then everything she has believed in is a lie. Even after that, after she breaks down and shares with the MC her shattered hopes and dreams, then I figured it'd be better if she fought it all the more. Part of her doesn't like being so vulnerable with you, so she resists any deeper connection in spite of her attraction. Little by little, she is whittled down until she can no longer handle it. She THEN loses it and throws herself at you, after she's been thoroughly pushed to the point of breaking.

Githyanki are pragmatists, 1000 years of slavery does that to you. Lae'zel wouldn't see sex as vulnerability, but as taking pleasure that she is entitled to. Do you know Githyanki lay eggs by the way? The Illithids did that to them to make them more efficient slaves. You are viewing her through a very specific subset of Western Myths of Human romantic love, and not seeing who she really is. She isn't human. She would spit on your attempts to weaken her with romantic overtures, and may straight up try to kill you. The problem is that you are suggesting that she not be a Githyanki.

I will leave you - unironically - with one of my favorite quotes on good writing.

“A character’s actions must flow inexorably from his or her established traits.” – Lieutenant Commander Tuvok quoting T’Hain, Vulcan author of The Dictates of Poetics