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Romance can lead to sex, but sex does not mean romance is taking place. Likewise, intimacy does not necessarily mean sex either. Two people can share very tender, open and meaningful moments together without having sex. Sex, when done right, is the ultimate and deepest level of romance and intimacy; becoming as one physically.
This is fascinating escalation indeed ...
It can, it can, it can ... and sudently it just is ... where did those sweet juicy options go? Why did they dissapear so fast?

Dont get me wrong i dont disagree with you, not directly at least ...
But still, you are describig here one of countless permutations as "the one and only". O_o

And lookins aside from that ... lets say i agree with you compeltely.
Lets say that this, what you are describing actualy is "the one and only sex that is done right" ... who said that every sex must be done right? O_o

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This said, most intimacy moments can be played out in a video game without an actual sex scene. It doesn't have to show two people making out, one climbing on the other, clothes being removed, or whatever. As some have stated, this is really hard to do well in a video game anyway. So, you don't need a steamy sex scene in a video game to show vulnerability, etc.
There are two questions i just must ask ...

First of all, why do you even mind?
Ok, so you dont need them ... then just skip and problem is solved, right?
Why does that bother you that in some game is content that you particulary dont want to use? O_o

And second how would you like to tell the story that was told during sex, without the sex scene? O_o
Take Minthara for example, she wanted to use you, control you, "take what is hers" as she say ... she is feme fattale in its purest form ...
But you can persuate her to submit to you instead ... that allone is something that should be for Drow woman so unimaginable so i cant even describe it properly.
Then you can exploit her vulnerability ...

I know its not exactly that "one and only sex that is done right" ... but how would you like to tell this story without the scene? O_o

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Again, I thought BG2 did rather well with Jaheira's romance. She expressed her vulnerability through dialogue with the MC. You couldn't even see animations of her face or inflections or anything, but you could feel it in the voice actress' voice. It was in the dialogue itself that you began to feel Jaheira's pain and such. Sure, her romance led up to a moment when you could agree to have sex with her, but there was no need for any kind of graphic representation of it.
More like there was technical limitations that didnt alow it ...
Even her whole body ingame was difficult to distinguish from the match. :-/

The right question is:
Would it benefit from such scene, IF tha scene would like as they do in Baldur's Gate 3?
Rethorical question ... but i say: Yes! Certainly!

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So, I do think that romance scenes in the game would make the game more emotionally stimulating. I think one of the things BG3 is lacking is that Larian needs to draw players in more and get them to fall in love with the origin characters. We need more comradery. We need to feel more like the part is a group of friends by the time the Celebration event occurs. In order to do that, we need more intimate dialogue between the characters. And I don't mean romantic intimacy. I mean one-on-one dialogues that are more heart-felt and interesting. These need to help the players connect more and care more for the characters.
Why this have to be contradiction?
Why cant you have both?

Why our characters can spice their comradery, or celebration events ... with some good time? O_o
Note that i didnt say "Sex" but "good time" since with Shadowheart (for example) you dont get sex ... since it fits her profile. wink

And since im not sure if this sentence survived the purge ... i must repeat: I would really like to see some consequences of *that night* ...
For example, when long rest ... i really want, maybe even demand more sexy ... ehm ... to see my Mage sleeping in Gale's arms, instead of separate mat.

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Then, when it comes to romance, we need the player to trigger it so that they can romance whoever they want and not be romanced by the others.
Someone have to do the first step ... why "we" need to be the one? O_o
I for example like it, it makes companions feel more alive, than when they simply "just stand over there in the corner, obediently waiting when Their Majesty Lord PC von Smug will come to propose something". laugh

I would like to have dialogue option to hit on them first tho.

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I don't want Wyl hitting on me when I feel more like he's a bro and we should be kicking back and just joking around together as opposed to him wanting to share a bunk with me.
And again ... why?
That awkward situation, when someone missunderstands your signal is cruicial part of life ... and part of true friendship, if they both can get over that.

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