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And second how would you like to tell the story that was told during sex, without the sex scene? O_o
Take Minthara for example, she wanted to use you, control you, "take what is hers" as she say ... she is feme fattale in its purest form ...
But you can persuate her to submit to you instead ... that allone is something that should be for Drow woman so unimaginable so i cant even describe it properly.
Then you can exploit her vulnerability ...

I know its not exactly that "one and only sex that is done right" ... but how would you like to tell this story without the scene? O_o

Yep, exactly this. Each of the camp scenes reveals something about each character. Shadowheart's hidden sweet personality. Astarion's scars. Gale's acceptance/realisation that there is something to love in the real world, not just his mystical Goddess. Wyll needing a break from Mizora. Lae'zel's pure, primal physicality. Etc. ALL of these are important character moments. They can't, and shouldn't, just be seen through the one prism of "sex is for romantic love only, nothing else counts and/or is wrong." Sex can be many things in a story (and in real life).