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Even Astarion's could be more enticing. Him just saying, "I mean sex, Darling," is just not sexy. If he was feeling some appetite for such things, why not have a scene at the celebration where it shows you moving off by yourself and Astarion is suddenly there, coming out of the shadows. He then tries to smooth talk you, using wit and flare to try to entice you to do things with him.
oh, that would be fine for a sexually inexperienced character. I see it. just a line of choice: - you are tired of the noise. decided to rest alone. and then the scene with Astarion. it doesn't even need to be redone in this case. that would be more enticing.
but I think for him it is - I want sex. more natural. like a vampire. and for what he was in a past life. Casanova and the scum (this is how I see him)
and also Gale. he seems to be the most refined of the whole squad. I would like at least a compliment from him. and not just a story about the Kama Sutra. and his ex