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I don't want Wyl hitting on me when I feel more like he's a bro and we should be kicking back and just joking around together as opposed to him wanting to share a bunk with me.
And again ... why?
That awkward situation, when someone missunderstands your signal is cruicial part of life ... and part of true friendship, if they both can get over that.

It is known all the best friendships are indeed born from bros wanting to make-out with eachother, a couple days after their first meeting. Well not, really.

Irrelevant it's pretty easy to avoid flirtatious dialogue from Wyll. Just don't flirt with him first.

The issue a lot of people seem to be having is that they haven't been the one to start any flirting dialogue, but they then get propositioned for Sex at the post Goblin/Tiefling slaying party. This makes the sex scene feel more like titillation and less like an extension of the character progression and plot.

Though for me I exclusively go for Astarion and Gale since they are the guys I like most so I don't feel much of an issue cause they feel a bit more in line with the characters. Astarion legitimately has the most depth to me oddly enough even though on the surface he seems just like a vampire who enjoys being able to succ blood in the daylight. But both Astarion and Gale proposition me first, regardless if I engaged with Mirror Image flirting or offering to let Astarion get a nibble again.