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I don't want Wyl hitting on me when I feel more like he's a bro and we should be kicking back and just joking around together as opposed to him wanting to share a bunk with me.
And again ... why?
That awkward situation, when someone missunderstands your signal is cruicial part of life ... and part of true friendship, if they both can get over that.

It is known all the best friendships are indeed born from bros wanting to make-out with eachother, a couple days after their first meeting. Well not, really.

Irrelevant it's pretty easy to avoid flirtatious dialogue from Wyll. Just don't flirt with him first.

There's no avoiding it, only ignoring it. Which is actually extra funny coming from Wyll. Even the dude's backstory is heterosexual, and yet he comes onto a male player character like whatev. Same thing for Gale. But i guess that's just vintage Larian trading sense for gaminess.

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Wow. Bombarded. I don't even know where to start so I guess I'll just start here:

I understand Gith. I do. I just think Lae'zel is not the typical Gith. That said, I have even said at various points that I totally see her being as she is on Celebration Night. My entire point was missed. My idea was more of an example. I wasnt thinking Larian was going to actually take my idea and use it. The point was I would like SOME sort of more interesting romance.

One point I was trying to make is that the romances all happen all at once. Just bam. All at once. It is very out of nowhere.
EVERYONE suddenly wants to have sex on the same night out of the blue. Like I said, its like picking out groceries instead of romance. The game even asks you who you pick to sleep with that night. But I guess it shouldn't surprise me. It's very much like the Bachelor and that's a popular series. Everyone wants to sleep with the MC and he/she gets to pick.

But whatever. I don't think I care anymore.

Pretty much. Very dating sim, and i'm guessing that's why, at the end of the day, some like it (feeling wanted) and some don't (is wack).