I think it could be interesting, depending on how far they go. I'm sure there's a lot of gamers who prefer premade characters with in-depth backstories. Games like The Witcher come to mind. It would be interesting to see unique dialogue options in the game and even locations based on the Origin character you select. I just think they should really go over-the-top on it instead of just having NPCs being like, "yo Astarion. Nice seeing you again." and that's it. That'd be a big letdown to make it that far in the game and really nothing happens.

As for the PC, I really think they should change our background to something more noteworthy. Ok, so now we're all Baldurian and have that tag. Our background gives us a few minor skills. I would prefer a larger effect here and even negative aspects to backgrounds. Say they lower resistances to some types of damage because you are from a different environment and aren't used to it, or you have a speech penalty because you've lived in the woods your whole life, but you do extra damage of some type on top of skills. Just having it be a second way to select your skills really sucks.