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I think it could be interesting, depending on how far they go. I'm sure there's a lot of gamers who prefer premade characters with in-depth backstories. Games like The Witcher come to mind. It would be interesting to see unique dialogue options in the game and even locations based on the Origin character you select.

Certainly there will be players who want that opportunity. I would say it's not something that has was ever included in previous BG games (and related such as IWD, NWN, etc.) and that is it is why it is so alien to me here (I'm a big fan of games like The Witcher, Mass Effect and enjoy playing those preconceived characters by the way). I think it's a little ambitious to try and cover both a satisfying single player experience and a fully fleshed out Origins character system. They might pull it off when it is finally released but like much with the game at present, it's a bit of a hybrid system and suffers for being so.

I'm not a fan of the Origins system at all but that's besides the point.