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There are no broken subclasses.

Oh please, Peace Domain Cleric, Twilight Domain Cleric, and the Chronurgy Magic Wizard are way way op.

They are strong but not OP? Nothing listed in them are gamebreaking or make any other subclass irrelevant, they are just different with consistently strong abilities and flavor.

Peace Domain gets a skill proficiency, a d4 buff to the party as a class feature, a channel divinity that helps heal allies, enabling of a tank to take hits, wuisdom mod to cantrips, and bettering the earlier buff.

Twilight Domain gets darkvision, the ability to give others darkvision, proficiency in martial weapons and heavy armor, advantage on initiatives for one creature, an aura with temp hp or mental effects, flying only in darkness, Extra damage on melee strikes once per turn, and giving of half cover when in aura.

Chronurgy Wizard gets a slightly weaker version of lucky, better initiative, a version of hold creature that is lost on damage, a single spell mote a short rest, and their ultimate level 14 ability allows them to fix a result at the cost of being much closer to dying outright and now being worse at everything cause exhaustion.

Overall they are not crazy OP in any way? Chronurgy gets some similar stuff to divination in a different flavor with being able to manipulate a dice result, and its first feature is already something in the game with the lucky feat and halflings. Twilight domain has a cool aura but most clerics get something big, and its role seems to be a little more selfish than other clerics even with the aura. On the other end, Peace Domain is selfless and is based around your party being cooperative and peaceful, but honestly coupld be broken really easily by party conflicts or someone being controlled/out of control. They are all strong and on the upper end of dnd 5e power, but they seem in line with everything else to me and just fill their roles nicely. Even then, I like to pick classes based on theming and not so much power.

Besides, most subclasses can become OP in the right hands or with the right strategizing from a party. A conjuration wizard can genuinely fuck everything up with his level 2 Minor Conjuration if he is creative enough, and a Life Cleric can ensure no body int eh party has a chance to die to damage. Its all in how one uses them.

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