I hope you are right. Ie --- I hope we get to dive a little deeper into the custom character's history (or define it more explicitly through dialogue...or...something). I guess I feel like with the Origin chars as an option...well, it makes me think that there is no awesome secret waiting for me about my custom char specifically. Ie, that playing a custom char is somehow the wrong choice if one wants the deepest most satisfying play through. But I could be totally wrong.

And as you say...it is just the EA after all --- although --- it might be more like playing through Ostagar AND the Elven camp in DAO. Isn't the EA like the first 1/4 of the game, given its size on the map? Again, I could be wrong about that too.

I also know I am likely supposed to be approaching this as a party thing anyway, rather than as a single player with companions. But it is hard to break the habit of every rpg ever! lol