You wanted me to answer your previous. Let me sum up my points more concisely:

My main point was really that I'd like variety in the romance. I wasn't trying to lock in some specific detailed story. Just giving examples of what I mean by having more to the romances. Right now, everyone decides in one night at the same time to have sex. It is very weird that the entire group has no real connection with you, no side interactions or flirting or anything and then BAM! All in one night they are all horny.

And there is no real difference between them by that point. You don't have anyone approach you when you are alone at some point, or anything like that. It's just sterile. I walk up to each one and they ask me to spend some alone time with them. Then I have to choose only one like Im on the Bachelor and I get to pick my lover. It just feels very UNromantic. I feel like Im picking a lover from a vending machine rather than having fun and interesting interactions BEFORE deciding to go to bed with someone.

I mean, I do understand Gith and vampires. Both do make sense at the party, but neither is very special. It's just there. That's all I was saying.

I mean, I want romance in the game. Sex, no, but romance yes, and right now there is no real romance. I still think the game is better off without sex in it. If the game is good, it doesn't need it, and if sex is done poorly, it will severely weaken the game.

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