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And there is no real difference between them by that point. You don't have anyone approach you when you are alone at some point, or anything like that. It's just sterile. I walk up to each one and they ask me to spend some alone time with them. Then I have to choose only one like Im on the Bachelor and I get to pick my lover. It just feels very UNromantic. I feel like Im picking a lover from a vending machine rather than having fun and interesting interactions BEFORE deciding to go to bed with someone.

I mean, I do understand Gith and vampires. Both do make sense at the party, but neither is very special. It's just there. That's all I was saying.

I mean, I want romance in the game. Sex, no, but romance yes, and right now there is no real romance. I still think the game is better off without sex in it. If the game is good, it doesn't need it, and if sex is done poorly, it will severely weaken the game.

It seems like you place a lot of value on romance in your media. I would invite you to simply read a romance novel, Danielle Steele has written a bunch of them. I hear she is good. I read half of one once.

I want to say I am not in agreement with you on the lack of romance for all characters being a huge detriment as I consider the single player campaign and the custom characters to be mostly irrelevant, but that is simply because I value the Multiplayer aspect of this far more than anything.

Also in multiplayer we usually just kill all those custom characters, strip them of all items and leave their rotting carcasses where we found them. Although some like to send them to camp and then kill them there, piling the dead bodies on the sleeping bags so whenever we rest we are treated to a VERY grisly sight. Romance!

Clearly we have extremely different sets of values. But I respect that you have a different approach to these things and I hope you find what you need.