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I bought the EA day 1 with the hope and intention of modding the hell outta this game, especially after seeing the EA FAQ mention modding would be supported for release.
Honestly I don't really care what "cheese" ends up staying in for the full game as I'll just grab the best RAW mod the community puts out. I do feel for those who will not have the option to mod however.

Edit: I'm not modding the game till it is released though and the full tools are out for the modders to do things right. For now I'm suffering through with the rest of you. crazy

You should care because modding will not be able to get all cheese out of the system when it is too integral to the game.

There is certainly a lot that will need to be tweaked but there is already 1 or more mods for it on Nexus. There is even a modder currently working on casting touch range spells through familiars. After release and with mod tools released, I'm fairly certain we'll see some kind of multiple choice rules options mod that will allow people to pick and choose what if anything they wish to swap to RAW.

That said, maybe saying "I don't care" wasn't quite the correct thing to say since I DO care enough that I'm going to be modding most of it RAW 1st chance I get.