Nah. I have mostly played BG3 FOR everything but the romance. My actual priorities for this game would be:

1. Finish it so I have the whole story because story IS my true passion.
2. Give us a true D&D 5e experience with real 5e stats and rules and then balance number of enemies, enemy HP, etc. to align with the true rules and stats. (I've done it with TT, so it can be done on a PC game. Ain't nothing in the TT that cant be put in PC except maybe Reactions being janky and maybe Ready Action.) If not this, we need at least better balance somehow.
3. Ability to create a full party of custom characters in Single Player Mode. I can do it by messing with multiplayer, so just let me do it in single. With this, allow me to switch out Custom characters with Origin in case I want to just leave a Custom at camp for awhile.
4. Better banter, both between origin party members and the Custom, and between Custom Characters. With this, better companion connections. I just have a hard time feeling vested in most of the origin characters. I WANT to care, but I kinda don't because they don't feel much like a team. I would like more scenes with them chatting together as a team about their issues and deciding next moves as a party, not one on one with the MC only.
5. Long rest restrictions/ Timed Events so that if I long rest too much things actually happen. With this, dialogues aren't overwritten like Gale's Mirror Image Dialogue and Go to Hell.
6. More races and classes.
7. Crafting and some cooler weapons like Frostbrand and Wounding and other wondrous items.
8. Day/Night cycle.
9. Oh, and if you are going to have romance in the game, maybe actually have romance, not sex. I mean, games good enough to me without it, and it really doesn't do much to enhance. If not done right, it can even make the game so much worse. Without it, you might even open up the game to a wider audience.

That said, some have said that sex with certain characters does reveal more about them. I still think this could be done without sex involved, but whatever.

So as you can see, romance to me in this game really isn't that important. Yeah, I like a game with some fun romance options, but that is why I was saying a lot of this. Right now, the romance in the game is just not there. It's just pick a lover and do it. No real interactions or nothing.

There are RPGs that have done romance well, peppered in to the game. KOTOR, BG1 and 2...It can be done well and tastefully. That's all I was trying to suggest.

My whole stance is I just want to try to help make BG3 better. Im not that crazy about any of this. If they do nothing but finish the game, Im good. I think it could be better, but Im good.