It's still early doors.

Gale has now got a couple of scenes that set up the romance (or not) - Weave scene and Loss/Campfire scene.

Astarion has one - Stars - where you can flirt pretty heavily with him, and it seemed from datamining that more may be coming.

Shadowheart has one very early on, the second night I think - Beautiful Weapon, and the "This might be our last night together" conversation.

Seems like nothing for the others "Yet".

My point is there's more to be added for the companions, and build-up (or locking out) for the romance is probably part of that.
I hope so, because it will create more satisfying stories. Jealousies and rivalries shouldn't be left out either. Gale vs Astarian is already there, but Player vs Mizora could be an interesting part of any romance with Wyll.