First of all ...
You know there is litteraly no reason to quote whooooooooooooole post, even more when its this long ... especialy when your reaction is just next to it? O_o

Second ...
I never said, you were not honest ... i said, you answering the questions was much better than previous post, wich didnt help me a lot, to be honest. laugh
I dunno how to say it differently, maybe i should have use this full sentence previously. laugh

Third ...
The point of holding hands its not it would be hard work, but it dont fit to the story. :-/
Just imagine:
"Lets rush, we have tadpoles in our heads, we dont know how many time we still have!"
"Lets rush, we need to resolve situation between Tieflings and Kagha, bcs otherwise she kill them all!"
"Lets rush, we need to attack the Goblin leaders, before they find and attack the groove!"
"Its okey, we have time, lets take a day off. Lay to the grass and enjoy flying butterflies."

And finaly ...
Yup. We have Adventure > Sex > Adventure ...
And that is exactly what it is, and exactly what it should be. laugh
I know we are using word "romance" wich isnt entirely fitting ... but that is just word. It dont mean that everything have to be romantic.
Same as Races are, even if some "races" are actualy completely different species, and other races are different from another races only by their culture.
I had in mind one more word, but i forget it. laugh

I would certainly not mind any conversation added, unless i spend 2 minutes hunting for cure against my tadpolisation, and 15 minutes building my relationships. That would be other bad extreme. laugh -_-

In the words of the senior NCO instructor at cadet battalion:
“If you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying. And if you got caught you didn’t try hard enough!”