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Have you played the multiplayer version with other people? They have not implemented the DM mode yet but its fairly robust.
I felt that the multiplayer in BG3 still needed a lot of improvements. Currently it feels like you're tagging along a single-player's journey.

Particularly, dialogues need to be made more inclusive and easier to follow. When I played, one player participates and the others could basically only watch. And the game doesn't do a good enough job of showing you which dialogue option is chosen by the player, making the conversations hard to follow (unless the active player verbally narrates their decision or hovers over their selection for multiple seconds before clicking it).
Idk if they've changed ^ since I played; if so, great!

It does allow you to listen in and vote on which way you want the person talking to go with the convo (and it shows your vote), but ultimately whoever initiated the conversation has control of the response. There are interparty dialogues where everyone has to vote ona response to move forward but you see how frustrating those are so I am actually SUPER glad they didn't implement that with regular NPC conversations or it would be really clunky. I don't think its too much to ask to tell your team in discord which way you want to handle things though. There are groups that insist on that and lots of roleplaying.