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Im not quite sure how to tell it differently, but i try bcs you clearly dont understand me.
Mainly bcs i was not talking about what you said ... but i was giving you a question. -_-

Lets try it this way:
You say that *NOW* combat is balanced arround cheese.
And that is problem.


Therefore i ask:
What *IF* combat would *NOT* be balanced arround cheese?

Lets use your example:
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While many players complained about missing, it seems Larian has often increased créatures AC.
This mean you'll miss more often than you should... That's probably also why they give us easy advantages
*NOW* Higher AC
using cheese = game as it should be ... not using cheese = game harder than it should be
-> Therefore combat bad.


*IF* Regular AC (read as: Same as in monster manual for DnD)
using cheese = game easier then it should be ... not using cheese = game as it should be
-> Therefore combat good.


So i try to repeat myself:
*IF* monsters would have proper HP, AC, spells, spellslots, equipment, consumables etc.
(Read as: If everything about monsters would be coppied from monster manual, nothing added by Larian)
Would you still mind cheese being there?
And if so, why?

AC is just another exemple to show how bad the game is balanced and how strange Larian is thinking about "the missing issue" they created.

Of course I would mind of cheeses even if the AC/abilities and any other statistics were "true" to the MM.
Those cheese reduce our creativity A LOT and the tactical value of this tactical TB game.

There's 0 valuable tactics in BG3 except cheesing - from highground/backstab, to dipping, to the WTF consummables.
And I'm not talking about "choices for fun" that have 0 consequences on the game's balance like barrels... I'm talking about all those basic mechanics that are way too OP compared to the rules Larian's trying to use.

Don't use any cheese and the game is so hard. Use all of them and it's so easy. How couldn't you consider this as a problem ?
The best tactics in BG3 are cheap, easy and repetitive. There's close to nothing to learn about the game except jumping, dipping, going higher and shoving.

Those chesses create issues to the class balance, to the game's difficulty, to the variety of meaningfull choices a D&D game should offer us.
D&D is supposed to be about "freedom". BG3 is all about using the same tricks with every class at every encounters.

Oh yea of course you CAN use sleep, fog cloud, blindness, fairy fire, try to hide during combats and so on... But it's always a sub-optimal tactic.
Thinking inside Larian's box is the best and the more valuable tactic. Not what I want in a D&D game where it's supposed to be "my choices".

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