I for one wish combat was a little more challenging. I took out the ENTIRE Zentarim hideoout (with Asterion) in a single turn by 1) showing a person off a cliff and 2) shooting a barrel.

It was epic --- and also very boring. Sort of like a summer blockbuster movie with lots of explosions. No depth, big boom.

I have no idea about DnD rules and what would be better/worse in those terms of getting it closer to 5e. The upside of some of these mechanics (like shove and backstab and throw) is that newbs can have a more accessible experience because they don't have to know every little nuance of party building and strategy in Dnd to survive --- ie, they can make it work with whoever ended up in the engagement and can go for a party of folks they actually like story-wise. Hell, I can even say that this game has made me want to play *actual* tabletop DnD, which I have not done for many, many, MANY years. So being accessible is great.

On the downside --- being able to take out a whole hideout in a single move? I don't know...I gotta call that cheese. The stinky kind.

Would be great to have "newbie version" and "advanced version" settings in game, with the advanced being more challenging and true to 5e (ie, no barrels, less surfaces, disengage separate from jump, and all the others raised by DnD old-schooolers).

Maybe in the next game?