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Hello Everyone!

Today’s small hot-fix focuses on solving some bugs & crashes getting in the way of your adventures.

Each time you play the game, you help us to find these sorts of issues and your support tickets, Forum and Reddit posts help us narrow down issues, too. Thank you for being with us through Early Access, it means the world to us.

We will be back soon with a larger community update, that goes into some detail about how we process & parse feedback and data we get through talking with you, and the telemetry we have in the game. ‘Til then, sit tight!


  • Fixed a crash when stepping out of running water
  • Fixed a rare crash related to animation states
  • Fixed a crash when party members use jump to follow
  • Fixed behaviour scripting causing crashes when starting a dialog fails
  • Fixed thread safety issue in Physx

Thank you Jess, and Larian Team for your continued efforts on this amazing game! We are with you all the way!