I wasn't trying to force my ideals or some sort of single concept of romance on the game. This has all been a monumental misunderstanding. I don't even care that much. As I have said, romance in the game is probably one of the least of my cares.

I was only offering my suggestions and opinions that I thought would make the game better, and I was giving reasons why I thought they were good ideas because some kept asking me to do so. I only responded recently because RagnarokCzD asked me to explain myself.

Sorry about the quote. I actually didn't mean to post that long back and forth. I copied it to try to see everything RagnarokCzD said. I planned on deleting it all after my response and just forgot it was there.

You all disagree with me, so fine. I'm not calling anyone names or getting all mad or disrespectful. I'm not passing judgment or throwing a fit. I was just stating an opinion...an opinion that is obviously not welcomed.