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This conversation could potentially have significant game impact. You can "use" the altar, and it also appears you can place things on it. What you tell Pooldripp the Zealous could effect what the "use" function on the altar is capable of accomplishing, and possibly even more than that.

Wyll will sometimes intervene and say "Oh, hells, why not - all hail Mahkloompah!" as a joke.

Astarion will sometimes intervene and say "If they ask for a sacrifice, I'd suggest virgins. Young, and hot-blooded."

Gale will sometimes intervene and say "A great deity needs a great name, looks like you're off to a good start."

If you tell him "No more blood rituals" he says "There are other ways, perhaps strangulation?" which doesn't inspire confidence that he gets what you're laying down.

If you tell him "Perhaps you should study my god", he replies "Yes - yes! We will study this being who claims power over you, great Mahkloompah. So that one day... we might destroy them." (my bet is that he means the tadpole, as this is not a cleric option).

If you tell him "Go out and build me an army", he says "We will spread word of Mahkloompah. Your glory will sing from ten thousand throats!"

If you tell him "Just keep doing what you're doing", he says "Our blood to fill your oceans, great Mahkloompah! Our bones to build your temple in the deep!"

Finally, if you tell him "A better name than Mahkloompah, for one", he will reply "You are too modest, great one. This name perfectly captures your essence - your fury." Then he says the same line as if you asked for an army - "... ten thousand throats!"

I don't think I have to really explain how impactful this could potentially be at its upper limit (a temple? an army? even a school of 10,000 fish has uses in D&D, let alone 10,000 soldiers... or best of all - a shred of power to use against the mind flayers, or better still - a SECRET BOSS maybe? If you tell them to study "your god", my interpretation is that his response relates to your tadpole, and he's already on board for overthrowing it (now that's a minion). It stands to reason that if you give him this response and then perhaps later in the game or something offer the correct sacrifice on the altar and hit "use", something significant might happen. Maybe you'll just get some cool unique item or a permanent buff or something, but these creatures manifest the gods they worship, that's what they do. If you tell them to "study" tadpoles, will they manifest a mind flayer god? That's something I'd be pretty pumped for, but mind you this is all speculation.

I'm going to try the option "Perhaps you should study my god", followed by putting various things (the tadpole from Halsin's desk?) on the altar.

EDIT: That didn't do anything, however I will note that since the platform in the center of the Sodden Altar is a special surface, and the narrator chimes in with "There is no answer from the presence" when you "use" the Altar with the wrong conditions met, there is quite obviously something more going on here.

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