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Once again a small hot fix that is large on GOG - this time 24.55GB

I have no idea if this is Larians or GoGs fault but i would recommend one uses Gog for this game till it's fixed

Yes, it said "24.55GB" but it didn't download and install anything close to 24.55GB...;) Indeed, the total patch was just a few GBs in scope as the patch actually started for me somewhere around the 21GB mark and concluded a few minutes later. Total time was about ten minutes (or less.)

Apparently, the hotfix was installed over the tail-end of the last 24.55GB patch--instead of repeating that entire download. I was not running Galaxy earlier, so it wasn't downloading in the background--unless Galaxy can now download & update my GOG games even when Galaxy isn't running! If that's so, this is the first I've heard about that...;)

Anyway--looks like you were a little premature on the trigger, there, Thespen. I can definitely recommend this update for Galaxy users--I see nothing about it that is "broken" thus far.

Wanted to add: this is the first time I've seen this, so maybe they've been refining the GOG update scenario through Galaxy...

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