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Thus --- YOU are kinda pointless. The party Larian wrote feels more important than the one YOU create.

I really think this cheapens my own experience with my custom chars. My choices, my time in that world --- it was fleeting and trivial. The other characters did not need me, they did not benefit from me, they did not even care if I was there or not. THAT is what the origin char stories do to me, personally. They make my character seem completely superfluous. This, compounded with the fact that the game is ALREADY structured to make you seem like the least interesting person in your party (because you never get to articulate or express yourself in it) --- idk --- it kinda makes the wound a little deeper.
This says perfectly how I would feel about playing a custom PC (which is exclusively how I would ever play BG3) in the face of Larian's Origin characters. My PC would indeed be superfluous and irrelevant, both to my party and to the game. So what would be the point of playing the game?