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I wonder how you would have felt about that character if you'd played an Alpha version of that DLC?

I don't know - because it wasn't released to the public to be purchased before it was at least ready enough to be commented on fairly.

I disagree. If we ignore the fact that they can be the PC, they are exactly the same as any other comps in any other party based RPG, that defines these NPCs.

Very much untrue. The way they interact with the player character is substantially different - they have the limelight, they have all the harsh combacks and snappy comment,s they have all the final words on literally everything. they're the special ones - we, the player character, are just the dumb brick that serves as the fall-person for them to be awesome off, or to treat like a fool, or to condescend to, the vast majority of the time. Further more, they are placed pitched and acted far more like the various characters in an AVN - in that, you the PC interact with them one on one, and almost only every one on one. you have interactions with each one of them in isolation, and can be a completely different person to each of them with no repercussions. This is not the standard or the norm for party-based RPGs, and indeed, they don't feel like party, at all, as a result. Compare NWN2, where almost every major conversation that happens is a group and party affair, that is actually a conversation and a discussion between everyone, the player included and other party members included.

If, as you say, you prefer to have your character predefined,

And where, pray tell, did I say anything even remotely like that? Please, by all means, point it out... because I certainly did not say anything of the sort.