Is it really fair to call those who disapprove of the Origins system and asking for a fully fledged custom character experience selfish and narrow minded? After all BG games have always been about the custom character experience. All of a sudden we find our lovely created protagonist taking a mute back seat to the most ghastly ensemble cast of OTT companions imaginable (that is purely my subjective take on the companions so far). Larian might deliver on their promises of making the custom character experience as solid as the Origins characters but they also promised a true rendition of a 5E CRPG and that is not really the case so far.

I very much enjoyed playing pre-conceived characters in other RPGs but BG have never been of that ilk. I didn't need Origins characters to motivate multiple playthroughs in BG2, I managed that just fine by playing a new class, race and backstory. Sure, the conclusions might have been limited but the journeys certainly weren't.

I'd suggest the inherent problem with trying to create something for everyone is that you simply cannot please everyone all of the time. A casual browse of the forums will show you words to the effect of: "Make it more like DOS", "Make it more like 5E", "Make it more like BG".