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Once again a small hot fix that is large on GOG - this time 24.55GB

I have no idea if this is Larians or GoGs fault but i would recommend one uses Gog for this game till it's fixed

Yes, it said "24.55GB" but it didn't download and install anything close to 24.55GB...;) Indeed, the total patch was just a few GBs in scope as the patch actually started for me somewhere around the 21GB mark and concluded a few minutes later. Total time was about ten minutes (or less.)

Apparently, the hotfix was installed over the tail-end of the last 24.55GB patch--instead of repeating that entire download. I was not running Galaxy earlier, so it wasn't downloading in the background--unless Galaxy can now download & update my GOG games even when Galaxy isn't running! If that's so, this is the first I've heard about that...;)

Anyway--looks like you were a little premature on the trigger, there, Thespen. I can definitely recommend this update for Galaxy users--I see nothing about it that is "broken" thus far.

Wanted to add: this is the first time I've seen this, so maybe they've been refining the GOG update scenario through Galaxy...

I'm glad it was just a couple of gigs for you.

I'm playing a multiplayer game so I did download to continue playing with my team mates but while a little bit smaller than the 24+ gigs it still downloaded over 21 gigs (and for at least 2 others people I play with/know).

Also my internet is not too bad and is the fastest internet available in my area atm ( hopefully FTTP is coming here this year, which will fix the problem for me smile But what about those who can't get fast internet or heaven forbid have to pay for the amount they down load (and yes some areas of the world have these issues). So I stand by my original comment, thanks.