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[I am now] looking forward to being able to play as one of them and see their perspective on things. I feel that will make for a richer game experience as you can "get into their heads" and figure them out more.

Will you, though? Remember, when you play AS one of these characters, you lose a lot of their voice lines, you lose all of their personal exposition, and on top of that, you are playing as them so the game will either A) give you fewer choices and take those choices out of your hands, because the origin character is their own person and would act a certain way, on B) leave you making the decision, in the full knowledge that there is a "right" choice - a choice that they would make without you behind their eyes, and that you are spending most of your time acting out-of-character for the character that you're playing... or a possible C) They'll let you make decisions, but will force you to pass high dice checks every time you act 'out of character', almost like a punishment... and we've seen some evidence of this happening already. So, are you *really* going to enjoy playing as one of your favourite companions, being heavily pressured to stick to their scripts, punished for going off it, and all the while missing out on a lot of the interaction that made you like them in the first place? Because, that is what it was very strongly like in D:OS2, and there is already strong evidence to show us that it's looking very much the same way here.