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Anyway, this game allows you to ignore the origin characters if you want, and have your own custom party. Y.
This feels almost disrespectful for how cheerfully it misses the point with the "problems" some people are stating with "Origin characters".
if it's something you like, good for you, but It's almost like you are PURPOSEFULLY ignoring everything that was argued barely few posts above.

"The game allows you to ignore it" doesn't solve anything, because "ignoring it" doesn't change the design/budget issues the subsystem introduces.

Personally I don't even strictly dislike the idea of playing an Origin character (even if I don't particularly care about it, that's for sure).
What I DO tend to dislike are the consequences it introduces, the "collateral damage" if you will:

- a main cast with good chances of being limited to 5-8 companions at most (because each one will need to be written from at least two points of views: as companion and as playable protagonist with multiple options).
- a narrative that basically forces all these characters to being introduced almost invariably in the same formulaic way: very early in the game, because they ALL need to come from the same premise as the protagonist of being "tadpole owners" that share the same exact situation and go through the same exact major steps of the adventure.
- lack of other "expensive" features that I would without a doubt prioritize over it (once again: no scheduling, no day/night, no proper rest system and sense of passing time, but "yes" to rewriting -and at least partially even voicing- each companion both as MC and as party member?)
- if DOS2 is the reference, how fundamentally inconsequential (if not even harmful) to the quality of the the core experience it will be compared to its cost. Or to word it differently: how little it actually adds to variety compared to playing with a custom character and seeing the same subplot played from the companions perspective. I'd be curious to hear ANYONE willing to argue in good faith that playing a Ifan or having Ifan in party and doing his side quest made a massive difference on what type of narrative they served in DOS 2.

Not making use of an Original character in your playthrough on a personal level does not address any of these issues. It's like saying "If you don't like that half your neighborhood is burning just stay at home and you won't notice it".
Ok? But all the stores/places I wanted to visit are not available anymore and I liked having friends in the area?

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