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Всем привет, не знаю к сожалению настолько хорошо английский, чтобы изложить все свои мысли на тему игры, по этому пишу на русском, надеюсь это будет возможно прочитать))
Я фанатка серии игр Baldurs Gate с 1998 года и прошла все части более 200 раз, за разные классы с разными сопартийцамии в разных вариантах. Для меня BG это очень особенная игра, больше чем игра детства и конечно, мне очень хочется чтобы BG3 так же стала культовой. Но! Есть ряд моментов, который совершенно ломает атмосферу старых игр.

You'll have to translate this back to Russian but I've read through your post as best I can using Google translate. The problem a lot you D&D and old time BG enthusiasts don't seem to get is that the genre moved on as technology evolved. The BG and NVN games of old are the way they are not through design but through necessity as a result of the limitations of computers off that time period. BG3 simply cannot follow that same template, albeit with better graphics, and be a major commercial and critical success. BG3 isn't competing against BG2, it's competing against Cyberpunk, TW3, Dragon Age series, to name just a few. This isn't an interactive novel, combat is vital to the core gameplay experience for almost all gamers these days. Combat without an interesting narrative will fail, but so will an interesting narrative without an enjoyable combat system, something this game does not have at the moment. In all modern RPGs they are inextricably linked so no, the game should absolutely not be mostly about the dialogues and the plot, it needs all aspects working together to create an immersive experience.

Dialogue is tied to points on the map because of the way games are made. They usually have trigger points for comments or dialogue. You can't have endless reams of dialogue because voice acting is expensive, not just in terms of hiring the actors but also as a resource on your computer. There has to be a limit on spoken dialogue because otherwise it would be too big to download.You give the example where by if we'd never found the boar we'd never know Astarion was a Vampire. Well that's not quite correct because he tries to take a nibble out of you later, but even if he didn't. That being said I whole heartedly agree that you companions need work and should react to certain triggers beyond what they react to now. Another example to yours is when you help the girl overcome her grief and write the song (a really heart warming quest by the way, nice writing there Larian), when she plays The Weeping Dawn your character is smiling and swaying in time to the music. Your companions are stood there with blank looks on their faces, not reacting to the song at all.

In another example is when Voldo (the bard?) is in the Goblin camp. If you chose the boo him off the stage option, Astarion approves, but if Astarion is in the party his approval is to have a blank stare on his face as the message flashes up. It would be much more immersive if he laughed or booed himself as the approval message flashed up. The same goes for liking or disliking things, I think a comment about it would add to the immersion level and would be preferable to them standing like a Silent Monk behind you and a message flash up to tell you what just happened. So I agree, there needs to be more life in your companions.

As for being forced into a fight, what do you think is going to happen if you stumble on to a group of people wanting to murder another group of people? They probably aren't going to want witnesses. The Goblins are meant to be evil, they aren't going to let you walk way, they're going to want to take you down as well so your forced fight is a fight for self preservation and entirely natural and immersive. Also I'm not sure of you're aware but I'm positive you can manually add map markers which might help your concerns out.

To your final point I will again say that this is not a table top RPG, it's not a pen and paper RPG, it's a computer RPG, a video game, it's going to take time to kill enemies, you aren't just rolling a dice and the outcome is set, that's random luck, not skill and almost all gamers want skill involved so no, we don't need a 'kill-all-enemies button'. As I said at the beginning, you are just going to have to accept that the genre has evolved along with the technology and you're going to get a very different experience than you got with BG2. However the game will most likely ship with difficulty levels and like DOS2 (and other games) have a story mode where fights are so easy they're over much faster.