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Combat without an interesting narrative will fail, but so will an interesting narrative without an enjoyable combat system, something this game does not have at the moment. In all modern RPGs they are inextricably linked so no, the game should absolutely not be mostly about the dialogues and the plot, it needs all aspects working together to create an immersive experience.

That's an interresting thought and to me even if they're old it's something BG1/2 did FAR better than BG3 : the link/the consistency between the narrative and combat.

In BG3 combats are a (ridiculous) parenthesis in a serious story.
After crushing a head with your feet you're jumping like Mario Bros. After listening to a dramatic refugees story you're throwing ennemie's in the air.
You're supposed to travel in the FR but you can dip your weapons on candles... There's 36 different creatures in a very limited area...

In the name of "fun" Larian's combat mechanics completely broke any sense of immersion in the reality of the world in which the story take place.

Of course some mechanics / QoL improvement are necessary in video games but even if D&D's rules are entirely written for players to write/live stories, BG3 combats completely failed to be a consistent part of its story.

It's only (not so good) gameplay and nothing more.

That's also something that makes BG1/2 legendary games. Wherever you are and whatever you're doing : everything is part of a consistent and coherent whole.

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