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I profoundly disagree that we currently have a varied cast of well written companions. There is no variation at all in good versus evil. As someone who would want only a strictly "good" aligned party, I have no choices at all (No, Wyll and Gale are not good-aligned; at best they're neutral). And worse, all the current crop of companions are utterly distasteful and annoying, and I would not care to go adventuring with them as my companions. I would want a full party of all good-aligned companions who are also"nice and friendly and a pleasure to hang out with. But I am also not going to be willing to accept empty-suit custom companions. So then there is no way (at least at present) for me to play the game.

You do have choices - you are just limiting yourself, because it sounds like you've decided how you want to play the game and don't want to even try deviating from that path. Fair enough if that's how you prefer to play, but this is your loss, and a very subjective criticism of the game as it currently stands (EA, incomplete).

Let's agree to disagree?

I personally LOVE the fact that we do have Evil/Neutral companions right now, because the world is complex and even the Good-seeming guys (Gale, Wyll) have issues and skeletons/demons in their closets. It makes for a good story, and I'm certainly enjoying it so far. Ordinarily I might not have tried them either had the Good companions been available - but now that I have, I absolutely love them.

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