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I still don't quite understand what the issue is, here.


I didn't know that. But in THIS game, it's reversed, and we are starting off being encouraged to play our own player-created character. The other Origin characters aren't playable yet. Where is the issue?

You CAN play your own custom character with or without the NPC companions.
You CAN choose to play as one of the origin characters. Probably more characters will be coming.
You CAN choose to play either custom characters or Origin pre-made characters with friends, or for example 2 custom characters and 2 pre-made characters, etc.
You can do literally whatever you want. I don't understand how having all these options is a problem?

I think the issue is simply that some people have a different opinion to you and have valid concerns over the implementation of the custom character experience? Every previous iteration of BG or other games such as IWD, NWN, were always about playing a custom character so nothing has really been reversed at all. Origins companions in this case are an import from DOS; in an ideal world I personally feel BG3 should have nothing to do with DOS at all, other than being made by the developer of DOS and being a party based CRPG.

If you look at the advertising for the game, it's all about the Origins companions so in a sense it comes across as a game like The Witcher or Mass Effect. I always felt D&D CRPGS were about roleplaying your own creation not taking control of someone else's. Purely from ignorance, I cannot think of a single game that successfully managed to integrate both an Origins system and a custom character one...I'm more than happy to be corrected on this because, as I said, I am saying this from my own relatively limited experience of playing similar games to BG.