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I'd try to explain it again but I don't see the point when you are purposefully ignoring any post that explains the issue (in fact, it's so blatant I'm suspecting I may LITERALLY be in your ignore list and you won't address this reply either) and then following with another "I don't see the problem".

Whoa, whoa, whoa. First of all, no you're not on my ignore list. I simply disagree, that's all.

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You seem to think that "more options are always great" as if for some form of magic they came as a net bonus, with no compromises, when reality is very different.
I don't care if I can just "ignore Origins and play a custom character", because that doesn't address the issue. I care for everything the game had to give up to even allow these Origin characters to exist.

I don't think the game has had to give anything up? We haven't even seen the whole game yet, the whole story. I just happen to be enjoying the story and game as it is now, without a wish to re-write it from the ground up. Look, all of us appear to just be wasting time snapping at each other while waiting for Larian to release their long-awaited community update.

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Let's take DOS 2 as an example: I would have gladly welcomed a game where companions interacted WAY more with each other (rather than ignoring their mutual existence and talking just to the Main Character) over one that blew most of its extra budget and manpower into writing/voicing these same few companions from multiple perspectives (read: playable or not).

If you're speaking specifically to me, I have mentioned several times I've never played the Divinity series. The comparison is lost on me I'm afraid.