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Through the entire game you get the feeling that the game wants you to fail at certain "rolling" situations. And not only by a high requiring number, sometimes that number isn't high at all but your rolls are pulled down.
Test it a few times and usually after 3-rd - 4-th attempt you may get a positive result. Those extra throws that you collect in game have a higher chance on pulling higher number. Still, if you simply play, without bother of testing, you may blame your luck. But if you are curious enough, you are bound to notice that your pulls are rigged and sometimes rigged shamelessly.

Discovering The Bog... With the wizard you need 9 to unveil its true form. I gave it 9 attempts without using extra roll and I've been pulling nothing higher then 5. I am not kidding, in 9 attempts 5 came 4 times and was the highest number. Even if I had any doubts about rolls being rigged, this example would dissolve them completely, though by this time I already had no doubts about this fact, it's just nothing was THAT obvious until now. The extra throw gave me 14 on a first attempt, which is a minimum requirement if I used Investigation instead of Arcana...

My question is WHY? What's the point of this? Doesn't this defeat the purpose of having this dice system to begin with? If you want something to be hard, increase the requirement number, why mess with the rolls? Sooner or later someone is bound to notice and will feel cheated. Doesn't make any sense...

Was this your first time you saw the extra roll function?
I'm pretty sure the game is set up in such a way that the first tutorial roll is designed to fail and the re-roll automatically succeeds just for tutorial purposes.