Disengage as a bonus action allows us to avoid 100% of attacks of opportunity.

When you're playing ranged characters In BG3 it's usually easy to avoid melee combats for a few reasons :
- the low number of melee enemies in proportion of ranged ennemies
- the map design and the verticality. Melee enemies have to spend entire turns to get your ranged characters (and/or simply bug and don't know what to do - early access)
- the very limited numbers of walking ennemies that could surprised us and start combats in an unexpected way.

But on top of that whatever the battlefield, whatever our position, whatever our class and so on... being able to avoid all of them broke the whole concept and it's tactical value.
By giving players the ability to avoid easily 100% of the AOO, we simply teach them very quickly not to care about this mechanic. AOO problem? Don't worry, just jump !

Attacks of opportunity are a key element of melee classes both offensively and defensively.
You'll try to reach ranged ennemies to annoy them and eventually have a free attack against them.
On the other hand you may also try to protect your own ranged characters to avoid them being engaged and you'll often have to think about your position to gain / not suffer AOO.

In Baldur's Gate 3 you can use AOOs offensively, but the whole tactical side of the defensive aspect is reduced to "don't worry, just jump"
Good position, intercepting ennemies, protecting your allies... It doesn't really matter in the game because everyone can disengage for free not to suffer the threatened status and/or AOO.

Good positions - intercepting the enemy - protecting your allies from melee... This usually don't really matter in BG3 and this is excessively lame.

On top of that it does not really feel engaging for the higher difficulty levels.

AOO are one of those things you have to think about at higher difficulty levels. On a normal difficulty level it's a bonus or a slight offset depending on our actions.
On higher difficulty level AOO and the battlefield control related are something you have to care about, to understand and to play with.

This is what attacks of opportunity are for: to give melee characters the ability to control the battlefield with their AOO.
Their position should really matter and their gameplay rely A LOT on AOO. That's a part of what makes them interresting and fun to play / to face.

There's obvisouly a problem according to me because the few melee characters are always trying to rush our wizards. That's boring but that's related to the AI and nothing else.

Attacks of opportunity should be an important part of the gameplay with melee characters and in BG3, it's very cheap especially defensively.

Players are not stupid and after their first fail they'll know the map / the position that could help them (if they didn't recon first)
"our position matter" would be even more true if it wasn't only to become highground gods.

I'm fine with something "easier" for newcomers but at this point, better remove all AOO... it totally unbalance combats and make our characters even more powerfull compared to the AI.

I'm usually a big fan of melee characters from the 1H+shield fighter to the dualwielder ranger, the dexterity based cleric or anything else... But really, in BG3 their gameplay is very limited.
This game deserve strong foundations before trying to make things harder/easier and breaking one of the main appeal of melee character does not look "strong" at all to me.

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