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I'm not talking about the companions or the party. I would never play with custom companions when NPC companions are available. I'm talking about my PC. My custom PC in my non-custom party, where my custom PC is going to feel completely pointless and irrelevant compared with my party companions.

But also, on a secondary related note, I profoundly disagree that we currently have a varied cast of well written companions. There is no variation at all in good versus evil. As someone who would want only a strictly "good" aligned party, I have no choices at all (No, Wyll and Gale are not good-aligned; at best they're neutral). And worse, all the current crop of companions are utterly distasteful and annoying, and I would not care to go adventuring with them as my companions. I would want a full party of all good-aligned companions who are also"nice and friendly and a pleasure to hang out with. But I am also not going to be willing to accept empty-suit custom companions. So then there is no way (at least at present) for me to play the game.

Yes, maybe because all our companions are now evil or neutral? Larian has already been told there are no good companions in EA, so yes Wyll and Gale are not good. They are neutral. Wait when Larian add good companions. If you specifically don't like evil characters, it doesn't mean that they are poorly written or not interesting. I'm happy there are no good characters in my party, I'm tired of them, in every game you have good characters and a maximum neutral ones. But the evil? Almost never. We also can't fully judge how well/bad they are written, because we don't know anything about them at all, except for their partial worldview.

So yes, I think we have most interesting companions. Because you will hardly find many games with evil or selfish companions, which will also be equally with the good ones. This is rare.
Yes, supposedly we will be getting good-aligned companions later on. But the discussion was about the current companions being great and so I am disagreeing with that. I am of course willing to wait and see on the future companions, though given that I am yet to find a single Larian created NPC that I liked I highly doubt I will see anything I like from those additional companions.

As for the companions being well written, yes there is a subjective element to it, but it is also objective. And these companions are not well written. They are largely edgelord cliches.