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I'm fine with something "easier" for newcomers but at this point, better remove all AOO... it totally unbalance combats and make our characters even more powerfull compared to the AI.

Why not just fix the problem and make Jump provoke AOO? That way it keeps the tactical aspect of it.

Because if jump provoke AOO, it's not a disengage anymore smile

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And for the hundredth time: +1

Disengage should be a full action. I don’t even understand how somebody could have come with the idea to make it a bonus action. It requires a total misunderstanding of how combat works in dnd.

I guess it's more a misunderstanding of how melee combat works in many games than specificaly in DnD lol

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Honestly i get hit by AOO quite often ... but its usualy bcs i didnt notice that my character need to move little bit to cast/shoot, and then s/he get smashed ...
So i would not say that with disengage for everyone AOO is completely wasted ...

But, over and over ... i agree with OP.
I would also appreciate being able to jump without need to spend Bonus Action.
And i would certainly not mind if Disengage become ability of certain classes. (If i get that right)

Should the game actions be designed considering players will sometimes make mistake ? I'm sure the answer is no :p

- Disengage decouple from jump.
- Disengage as an action
- Jump as a bonus action or better as a free action part of your movement would be my choice (and as a part of movement it would provoke an AOO)

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