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Each round the player has to spend on disangage instead of offensive action extends the fight quite a bit.
That's a double edged sword though. What also extands the fight, is not being able to lock enemies down. I can't tell you how annoyed I was at goblin archers, who could jump out of engagement, run across entire screen, climb up and take a shot at me with advantage. What makes attack of opportunity easy to ignore for you, also makes it easy to ignore for enemies. Disengage is a tool and a choice - and there are limited bonus actions squichy characters like Wizards can use to protect themselves or escape.

I am currently playing Solasta, and I am afraid I have to wholeheartedly joint "Larian, why you mess up a perfectly fine system?!" I won't mention reactions, which, you know, work in Solasta. Push/jump seemed bad, when I didn't experience what actual 5e feels like, but now the decision puzzles me even further. And outside few encounters (like those -annoying Flying Snakes) I don't feel like Solasta encounters drag for longer then BG3.