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We are not Larian's employees.
We are their customers.

And customers do not actually need a point by point writeup of a production process.
A lot of people here right now are the equivalent of customers phoning up every hour and asking "where's my order? where's my order now? well where is it now?"

It will be ready when it's ready.
We're not just the customers though. We are EA players, and BG3's EA involves "maintain[ing] a healthy relationship with those who take the time to provide feedback." Larian doesn't need to communicate with us in the same vein that us EA players don't need to write up our feedback, submit bug reports, and allow BG3 to automatically collect data from us. But communication is like the most important factor for any healthy relationship. Some posters have put in hundreds of hours' worth of feedback, and it'd just be nice to get an acknowledgement of that effort...it always pays to be nice.

A lot of people aren't demanding that BG3 is released faster (personally, I hope BG3 is delayed to late 2022 at the earliest in order to ensure a higher quality game), but would just like some info from Larian about when we could expect (and thus get excited for) new content. Letting us know what they're working on would prompt discussion on the forums, which is definitely healthier than repeating the same arguments over and over. It would also be wonderful if Larian officially responded to the various feedback topics that have been talked in circles on the forum, so at the very least we could know what mechanics are set in stone and what could possibly be changed. This is what I hope to see from their next announcement.

I've seen a lot of arguments that, if Larian released weekly/monthly "what we're working on" announcements, then the community would get vitriolic at things the community doesn't agree with. But, c'mon, the forums are already pretty salty. I doubt it would be worse.