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Letting us know what they're working on would prompt discussion on the forums, which is definitely healthier than repeating the same arguments over and over. It would also be wonderful if Larian officially responded to the various feedback topics that have been talked in circles on the forum, so at the very least we could know what mechanics are set in stone and what could possibly be changed. This is what I hope to see from their next announcement.

Yes that would be nice. I do hope the promised community update comes out soon, which will hopefully put some of the ranting, snapping and talking in circles to rest for a time. I am taking a break from the game itself until Patch 5 comes out (finishing re-playing DA:Inquisition in the meantime) but I am checking for updates every day... smile

I do agree they could/should be more communicative, at least in general terms. But demanding updates and being rude about it like some people are, is just going to make us all sound like That Annoying Customer From Hell.

At least there is mostly well thought out discussion here - the Steam BG3 forums are far, far worse...

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