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I am so sick of wading into the fray getting plucked with Arrows so I can get within MELEE range of that F'ing Goblin archer just so he can on his turn; Disengage, take a few steps and then pluck me up the arse again. Disengage should be a FULL ACTION, Jump should provoke an AOO. Cant we just follow the rules of 5e as written on this? They, (DnD), have spent decades trying to perfect combat, why would we change this?

1. Either this Goblin stands his ground and tries to shoot me.
2. The Goblin switches to melee and takes a swing.
3. The Goblin disengages and runs his sorry arse away from me.
4. The Goblin tries to move away from me to make a shot at me, THEREBY provoking an AOO.
5. The Goblin cheeses away from me with a BOGUS bonus action of Disengage or Jump and then Laughs as he get full benefit of shooting an arrow at from safe distance.
Calling BS on option 5.

Yeah, this bothers me as well. However aren't rogues supposed to have disengage as a bonus action? They get Cunning Action at level two which allows this. Do the Goblin Archers maybe count as rogues?

Every Goblin has Nimble Escape. "The goblin can take the Disengage or Hide action as a bonus action on each of its turns." In the case of the Goblins, this is 100% consistent with how it works in 5e