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I like how all this started because someone couldn't resist getting a chance to sass over god damn suggesting to try something else next week to pass the time if you had Gamepass.

That said, I think it's fair to point out that all this falling back to cinematics and writing does nothing but muddle the waters, because hardly anyone legit has any problem with those. Of course those have mainstream appeal. Reverse the roles a bit - would you guys actually be here if say, Pathfinder had those, and BG3 didn't?

The grievances are focused on the combat for a reason. Or are you guys going to try to argue with a straight face that things like barrelmancy and height advantage and backstab advantage are suddenly mechanics that are crucial to appealing to a mainstream audience? If so, the future of RPGs is truly dire.

No, and I have made clear that I hope that Barrelmancy gets removed soon as well as:

Throwing people into other people needs a serious nerf
Shove should be a full action
Throwing potions onto people to heal them
Disengage as a bonus action only for rogues. Full action for everyone else.

But I am not making mealy-mouthed statements about some other game that has nothing to do with this one. I advocate for this because I think we are better than allowing these things into the game and in the context of this game these changes make sense.

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