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I'm glad it was just a couple of gigs for you.

I'm playing a multiplayer game so I did download to continue playing with my team mates but while a little bit smaller than the 24+ gigs it still downloaded over 21 gigs (and for at least 2 others people I play with/know).

And my internet is not too bad and is the fastest internet available in my area atm ( hopefully FTTP is coming here this year, which will fix the problem for me smile But what about those who can't get fast internet or heaven forbid have to pay for the amount they down load (and yes some areas of the world have these issues). So I stand by my original comment, thanks.

Thanks for the update on the multiplayer--didn't know Larian had put any time into multiplayer as of now.

Yes, it was a couple of gigs--but I also downloaded a 24GB patch, too, in the past. You keep saying that something's "broken"...but I can't see that anything is broken. I mean--Larian is creating the patches and the fixes, and the patches work and install just fine from what I've seen. I don't see that anything Larian is doing is broken.

Can you maybe set your system up to download when you go to sleep at night, etc? There are ways to address such problems--we've all had to do so at one time or another in the past.

I don't understand your notion that games and patches should all fit on a floppy drive, apparently, and if they don't--they are broken...;) AAA games in 2021 can be as much as, and often more than, 60-80GBs when installed, with multiple tens of gigabytes of high-res (4k) textures included for 4k--some textures compress OK, others don't.

I guess my point is that it was you who signed on to the EA edition of the game. You are going to be doing so much more downloading of patch after patch than the person who waits until the game ships--or the person who waits until the game is finalized, etc.

You mention "what about the people with slow download access"? What about them? I don't get it...;) There are tens of millions of people globally who have no Internet at all, or who have slow Internet, but no hardware capable of playing a game like BG3. Are they Larian's fault as well? Is Larian to blame for what you perceive to be inequity? I don't think so.

I'm not trying to be hard to get along with--but you are talking to someone who suffered through years and years of dial-up modem Internet access so slow you wouldn't believe it today. Yet, ways exist to do and get the things you want even on modem tech so slow it's beyond obsolete today--and you are nowhere near that level of byte deprivation...;)

Instead of complaining and calling realities you don't like "broken," try and figure out ways to maximize the resources you have. Don't just sit there and wait until someone "fixes" it for you--do what you can for yourself with what you've got and you will be surprised at what you can accomplish. Criticism and blame are easy, but what's the pay-off? Not much, imo.

If the files are too big to download in ten minutes then download while you sleep or you are at work or in school, etc. Find workarounds to your problem--they exist, believe me.

Good news! I just downloaded and installed a 3.9MB patch through Galaxy for BG3! It, too, wasn't broken as it installed just fine...;)

Take care...I have no doubt you can work it out...;)

I'm never wrong about anything, and so if you see an error in any of my posts you will know immediately that I did not write it...;)